Our team is 100% committed to making the process as simple and efficient as possible for each of our customers. We have included helpful information below for new and returning clients.

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Measurements & Template Information

In anticipation of your new remodeling project, we make every effort to make things as effortless as possible for you. We have outlined a guideline of things you should expect during your remodeling project.

1.  A TC Stone professional will visit your home to:

  • Measure and make a template if necessary
  • Review your project and mark any special instructions
  • Discuss any overhangs; standard or not
  • Ask you to fill out and/or sign the contract form thereby approving ordering of material and fabrication including seam placement, edge detail, and cut outs
  • Review any special instructions regarding your project

2.  All items to be installed/mounted on or adjacent to the counter top must be present at the job site for the day of the template/measurement; this includes sinks, faucets, and drop in cook tops.

3.  Countertops and work areas must be cleared and free of all objects.

4.  Most Stone (e.g. Granite, Quartz) counter tops will have visible seams; we do everything possible to avoid this. Any seam areas can be discussed at the time of your in-home measure appointment; however in order to ensure structural integrity any final seam placements will be determined in shop at the time of fabrication. Our customers find that the beauty of the stone far outweighs the seams.

5.  Before any measurements or templates are made all cabinets needs to be structurally attached, level and & secure to the wall and/or floor. All cabinets and panels should be completely in place, installed and level.

6.  If there is a change in measurements from your original estimate you will be contacted soon after the measurement to discuss this.

7.  DO NOT make any make cabinet changes after the field measure.

8.  DO NOT schedule a plumber until AFTER you have a confirmed an installation date.

What to Expect During the Installation

  • Typically, the installation process takes approximately 1-5 hours, but could be longer for larger projects. Please keep in mind installation times vary. Additional time and/or rescheduling may be necessary in order to complete the installation to the best of our ability.
  • Please provide a clean and cleared path to the work area and access to the power supply.
  • Please keep children and pets out of the work area during installation. It is always recommended not to be around the work area(s) during the installation period to avoid any injury from transporting tops, cutting, drilling, etc.
  • If you have opted for us to remove your old countertops, it is generally done the day of the scheduled installation. Otherwise, the old/existing countertops need to be removed and hauled away prior to the installation date.
  • If you have opted for a full wall back splash (full height splash), the back splash is usually measured after countertop installation and installed approximately 1-3 business days following, upon prior notice/scheduling.
  • Most under mount sink cutouts are done in our fabrication plant prior to installation; sink is then mounted with pins and adhesive underneath the countertops on site/upon countertop installation.
  • Most over mount sink and cook top cutouts are done on site; item is then dropped into place upon countertop installation.
  • Sink cutouts and cook top cutouts are done in shop whenever possible but in some circumstances (specifically
    over mount cutouts) may need to be done on site.
  • Although we try to keep dust to a minimum, there may be some residual dust/debris following the installation.
  • We do NOT install cook tops, appliances, faucets, or supports, nor do we perform any electrical or plumbing work.
  • TC Stone will apply a stone sealant before or after your installation if you have purchased a natural stone (quartz products do not require sealant). We recommended keeping the area well ventilated if possible due to the strong fumes.
  • Final payment is due upon completion, which the crew lead/installer will request before he/she leaves. If you are paying by credit card, please contact our office to approve the payment over the phone before our installers’ departure.
  • We recommend scheduling plumbers to arrive no earlier than 2-4 hours after your installation to allow adhesives sufficient time to dry. We will not be responsible for any delays or costs incurred for canceled/rescheduled plumbers and/or workers following the install.

How to Care for Your New Countertops

  • DO use a dish cloth or sponge and wet with water a mild hand soap (without ammonia or vinegar) to wipe all stone surfaces
  • DO use a mild granite/marble/stone cleaner specially formulated to clean your particular stone if you prefer
  • DO dry with a clean, dry, soft rag or microfiber cloth for ultimate shine and to avoid streaks
  • DO seal your countertops regularly or when liquids ‘bleed, not bead.’ If water doesn’t  bead up on the top, it may be time to seal (Quartz and other engineered solid surfaces do not require sealant)
  • DO NOT clean your newly sealed tops for 24 hours after the seal has been applied
  • DO NOT leave spills unattended. Wipe up any liquids or oils as soon as possible, as stone is porous and prone to staining
  • DO NOT use abrasive powders, cleaners, scouring pads etc.
  • DO NOT use bleach, all-purpose cleaners that may contain acidic products such as ammonia, window cleaners,
    lemon, vinegar, etc., as these can eat away at the sealant faster